Making Writing a Habit

31 May

Hi All,

This is the first of a number of posts. The posts will mostly be my writing using writing prompts to form the habit of writing daily and writing to a purpose. To this end, I’ve set myself the goal to write 200 words per day on a new subject or using a previous subject but from a different perspective.

I’ll be posting each of the writing blocks to this blog to keep myself publicly to the goal. I hope to get to the stage of writing a book or two by the time I’ve finished this. I’ve read a great deal on writing and their exists the claim that you can complete a novel in 90 days. So here I go… starting with a smaller goal, 200 words per day to get to the goal of a novel in 90 days.

I personally like science fiction, but I will challenge myself by using writing prompts from all spectra of literature and general writing. For my day job I need to write too, but this is mostly technical document for others to operate, install and maintain complex banking software. This documentation is audited so tends to be very boring to write and to read.

So, enough stalling… tomorrow is the first of June. The first day of the thirty day challenge. I will be using the Mac Journal to write the assignments to make sure I can do this without being attached to the Net. I hope that the stuff flowing from my fingers will be worth your time to read… please let me know what you think.


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