01 Jun


The road led off the main highway. The trees on either side were covered in white flowers. Like white lollipops stuck into the ground. I lowered the window on the driver side and inhaled deeply. The smell of flowers, grass, wet earth, life filled my lungs. It krept into my very being. It tugged at my soul. It’s dark. When did it become dark? It’s then that I realized I had closed my eyes while savoring the smell of spring that poured down this lane. I had to find the source. Where the wind came from that filled me with life, joy and boundless energy. It calmed me even as I bounced down the two lines of dirt making up the road. The grass on the center divider long enough to slap against my cars body work. I listened to the crunch of the gravel under the tires. The swish and faint tap of the grass fronds against the front fenders. For the first time I was willingly driving under ten miles an hour, enjoying every second of it, as I kept creeping down the lane. I rolled down the passenger window as well, inviting the spring air into the car. It rushed in, played around the seats and darted out again. I turned off the air conditioner. Nothing could imitate or come close to reproducing this seductive wind that played in my car. Slowly the car and I made our way down the lane, until we burst through the trees into an open veld.

Grass and flowers swayed and made waves in the spring breeze. The smells were everywhere. Sweet and enticing. Alluring, yet familiar. All the smells of home, of being all right, of not having to worry. I stopped the car. I had to get out. I clicked the seat belt loose, and heard it slap against the pillar. I pulled the door release and pushed it open.My legs where shaky as I straightened out. My head popped past the roof. My hand tightened on the door as I stared at the wonder of all that grass. All the flowers. Birds were chasing each other across the blue, blue sky. Clouds sailed by as if on a majestic journey. Their billowy tops reaching high into the sky, up past the sunlight that shone just for me. It was a moment in time where nothing else mattered. Not the life that was whizzing by on the road. The sound of the cars I could still hear. Here, this spot, was just for me. Gone was the need to join the mad rush. I lived. Here. In the moment. A first. I acknowledge this new feeling. This was what now felt like. I wondered at the majesty of the view before me. The exuberance of the colors that spread in waves in front of me. With such ease this luxurious display of colors was placed before me. No painter could touch this majesty. No camera could capture it. You had to be here. Now. Living. Breathing. Feeling the air rush through your hair. Tickling the hairs on your arms, raising goose bumps all along them. The warmth of the sun on your skin making you forget about the cool breeze. I can hear insects in the grass. Singing, chirping, rustling. Perfect.

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