Writer interrupted

11 Jun

It never ceases to amaze me when a simple interruption turns into a ten day ordeal. A simple power interruption has been the cause of me falling of the wagon so to speak, and nearly ruining my intention of writing two hundred words a day for thirty days. It’s with shock and dismay that I look at this journal and see that exactly ten days have elapsed since my last entry. A lot has been happening in my life and it’s not been dreary or dull. By a long shot. In short, I’ve installed my flat panel LCD TV and a home theater system. After unstringing, re-stringing, connecting and generally moving cables around it’s my definitive opinion that spaghetti belongs in a plate. The cable for this home theater system is lying al over my rooms like the skin of snake done with it’s shedding. I now have sound in half of the speakers and none in the other half. Very productive and at no time is any home theatre installer’s job in jeopardy.

I just can’t seem to fit plug A into socket B and get harmony. A irritatingly regular wheeze emanates from the left front speaker and that is it. I would hate to admit defeat to a HT-1001 amplifier but this is simply ten connections that need to be made in a specific sequence. I just don’t get the sequence. It’s speakers for crying out loud. Speak!

So for now the snakes are still lying on the floor. I have, for know, given into the quiet fuming and waiting till I can find the time to take up a magnifying glass and a set of pliers and get back to connecting plug-A with socket B.

At least the frustration has me back to journaling and putting my thoughts to paper.

For now it’s Home Theater System 1, writer 0… but the tide shall turn….

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