Thrillers, Nightmares and other blood curdling goolies…

13 Aug

Today’s the birthday of Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock. This unassuming Englishman has single handed made shower curtains a reason to fear the shower. You lock the door when you take a shower, just in case someone wants to fillet you in the shower. You take an umbrella on a walk by the beach, keeping an eye out for any crows, or other skulking black winged beasts. What is it about this visual medium that has us running scared? That takes a book that gave us sleepless nights and turns it into a series of moving pictures that gives as day-mares as well. Between Hitchcock, King and Dexter we are leaping into bed, for the green thing in the closet, no under the bed, no behind the curtain… ok, I’ll write the rest by flash light under the covers where nothing can reach… oh no… I just remembered, Paranormal Activity, The TV film Paranormal Activity from 2007…. They can move sheets! Mommy! Suddenly the sound of the birds on the roof don’t sound so,… normal. Was that a bird? They have three toes,… so,… my mouth is dry. My eyes are burning from the computer screens glare. It and I are making this safe tent very uncomfortable. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to watch the midnight marathon of the Devil Inside. Come to think of it. The King novel on the bed stand… others… at least theirs no girlfriend in the house. Are your doors locked? Have you replaced the shower curtain with a glass door? Who did you offend today? Maybe that pile of feathers and hair in the corner of your porch wasn’t the work of birds nesting… tick-tock, tick-tock, it’s Hitchcock.

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