To tomorrow

16 Aug

Today’s been really hectic. My inbox felt like Grand Central station. Lots of requests that should be automatically obvious to the requestor, streamed in. Not a single line worthy of literary note. I can’t wait for my copy of ‘You send me’ to arrive. So today, I’ve had to put the reading on the side. Their lies the ‘Ordinary Genius’ – I still need to look up Kim’s list of poems. I’ve gotten into the book and gotten side tracked by Ginsberg and his ‘American Sentences’ – ever tried writing with only seventeen syllables. Today I wish ‘I can pull a towel over my head and tell you all the dark secrets’. But, I have to keep the machines secrets. Dark electric blue secrets – that kill the soul with no window to take flight. No beauty to be had. Logic isn’t beauty when polluted with business need. I want my window on the world to reflect the music of the word. Written words, smart words and big words dancing with little words, line on line – in musical lilting refrain. Open your soul to me I want to take a peek.

It’s been one very frustrating day. Little true progress, but lots of interruptions; much the same when you want to get into that new novel on your shelf – you open the cover, get past the first chapter. You’re hooked… then the phone rings. It’s a friend making small talk. The book is in your hand hanging limply against your thigh. You want back at it. You’re distracted and small talk is not on your mind. That kind of interruption was my day. So tomorrow, please leave the interruptions for another tomorrow. Not you tomorrow. Let your buddies know. I want my tomorrow to have a break to read some good writing. I need to get some chicken soup for the soul from the pages of a good book. A book about people – people in different places – people caught in situations – people offering distractions of a literary kind, in the pages of a book. Tomorrow I want to travel to places I’ve never been. Experience friends, lovers, family and old curmudgeons I haven’t met. I want to smile at their antics. Cry at their pain. Sit back and gasp at what happened and plough back in to see what will happen next. So, tomorrow, pretty please, with a cherry on top – NO INTERRUPTIONS!

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