Be wrong… the universe answers

19 Jan

Yesterday I wrote about the logic in putting your work on paper.

Today, I was busy looking through video’s on YouTube regarding my other hobby – painting.

In there, I came across a water painting video for beginning painters, where the artist instructed everyone to be ‘bold and brave’ and put the color on the paper quickly. You get to busy mixing the perfect color on the palette and never put it on the paper. Or when you do, it’s not what you intended. Mix the color on the paper and watch your painting develop.

This is very much the same advice as the writing advice from the blog yesterday. Be Wrong and be quick about it.

Sir Richard Branson and Nike has similar advice – both say: “Just do it!”

Get it out there. Get it on paper. Then decide. No one can do anything perfectly. Even established writers, artists and craftsmen always find ways to change things. I think the lesson I learnt from all of this, is to not try and do it perfect from the start. But to do something. Then make it better in increments. Now the art lies in finding that point where you decide if revision 1 or 17 is the one to submit?

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