When there’s so much on your plate that you feel you can’t take a break,…

11 Apr

…you’ve lost perspective. That’s when you need a day off.

It’s sad that our modern lives have driven us to the point where we feel guilty for taking care of ourselves. In my country, it can be attributed to the reverse racism that is applied in the work force. Now, appointments are made based on race. Ability is not a factor. Recent coverage of the Judicial Services Committee meetings attest to this. The judiciary is now appointing according to color and not ability. The ANC is backing the same insane argument that they can do as they please because it’s all apartheid’s fault.

Here, I throw my hat in with Trevor Manual. The governments on the continent need to stop blaming the colonials and start doing their jobs. Build your country. Build your people. Compete with the world and you will prosper. The governments won’t accept that the struggle they’ve been groomed for has changed. The enemy is no longer the hated white man, but the black man that looks after only himself.

What is your opinion on the politics of Africa? How should the continent tackle it’s growing population and dwindling economies?

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