Why you need to take a break from work

11 Apr

Why You Need To Take A Break From Work.

When you have reached the spot where you really, really don’t want to go to work. Yeah, I know. How can I even say that. But, it happens. Honest.

It’s happened to me and I’m finding that it happens more, and more often. It seems that as you get older, your body can’t process the stress of your job and you need to take better care or yourself. You may not notice the decay that sets in. Your chronic exposure to stress, is like exposure to the sun. Some exposure is good. You actually need the sunlight to stay healthy. But like the sun exposure, over exposure can lead to various skin cancers.

Stress works in much the same way. It decreases your ability to cope and decreases your creativity. Most people don’t think that they are a ‘creative’, but if you need to solve problems at work. Problems of any kind. From the usual moaner that you deal with every morning to the actual stresses of the contract that should have been signed, yesterday; you are a creative.

So that dull feeling that you aren’t quite being as sharp as you should be, it’s stress, and no, it isn’t because you are lazy. It’s because you have worked too hard, too long, for too many hours without taking your break.

So get up. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and take a walk. You need it. When you get back, we and the rest of the blogo-sphere will still be here. Promise. We are patient.

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One response to “Why you need to take a break from work

  1. evgeniagotfi

    July 22, 2015 at 12:44 am

    This is so true! Stress is responsible for so much more than we realize. My husband and I are in our late 30s and little things kept cropping up that prompted us to say “Guess we’re getting old.” Well, he hasn’t worked for a little over two months, and I’m on week six of self-employment/early retirement, and all of those issues are GONE. Vanished. Pfffft. Every single thing we attributed to aging was caused by stress.


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