Blue-Tooth Makes Me See Red

18 Apr

WOW! Jeremy Clarkson with a dress… amazing what a difference an accent makes and I can hear them both screaming at their cars about whom to dial…. hehehe….

Good Humored

We’ve all grown accustomed to the convenience cell phones offer. When I was a teenager, during the preppy years, I wore “penny” loafers. Instead of slipping a penny into each shoe, I used dimes in case I needed to find a payphone and make an emergency call. Now, my cell phone is always with me and I haven’t seen penny loafers or a working payphone in years. One of the advances with cell phone technology is blue-tooth, the opportunity to operate the phone without actually having to hold it in your hands. In theory, having your hands free will enable you to be a safer driver.

In order to make hands-free calls in my old car, I had to remember to stick a device in my ear when I entered the car. I always forgot to do this and was only reminded to put in the ear piece after I heard the…

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