Outlining your book

22 Jul

        It’s been a while since I’ve put fingers to keyboard to write something. I’ve had my eyeballs plastered to my Kindle screen reading up on the art and skill of writing. Researching the different ways in which you can write a novel, or any piece of writing for that matter, has brought me through to the arena of outlining versus discovery writing. I at first had no idea that there was two ways of writing – at least I never directly thought about it, since I used both. The discovery writing process, when writing something that I wanted to get on a page quickly, always felt more natural and got the energy out of my system. While the outlining method stayed deeply inside the academic and work related writing. I always had a problem in completing the writing spawned by the madness of the creative process. It all stumbled out of me and by the time that gusher has abated, there was no way I could take what was on the page any further.

        Planning the creative process never occurred to me when I just sat down and wrote. Whilst reading the book, “Outlining your novel: Map your way to success” by K.M. Weiland,         I’ve finally begun to understand the process of writing. Writing to me has always been something I enjoyed, then got disheartened with and finally just tossed the many stories into a file on the computer and never touched them again.

        For the first time I’m able to put together that planning, although it sounds so clinical and gross, is actually the best way to put a framework into your story. To help you navigate the rapids that is your creative mind and let each half of your mind do what it does best. The logical side, in planning and laying out the general route you are taking. While your creative side picks out the fabrics (textures/characters) and colors (emotions) that will drape this frame and make it navigable for your reader.

        I love these ah-ha moments when something finally snaps into place. It fills my veins with renewed vigor for the art that is writing. That is why I’m now writing this blog post on this particular subject. I need an outlet and practice space to test these planned and discovered pieces. So, you my dear reader, are going to be the beneficiary of these pieces as I practice my craft. Hopefully I will inspire you to not only read the books but write the books. With me, we will together write our books for the world to read. Here we learn the craft and turn our knowledge into skill, by practice, practice, practice.

        It is possibly the single most misunderstood thing in our society. Knowledge on and of itself is of no use, unless you now how to apply it. Knowing how to spell and make a sentence is of now use, unless you can use that knowledge to build a paragraph. Connect each paragraph and make a unit of creative writing, be that an essay, short story, novel or screen/stage play. Only then, when others can follow your characters on their paths, root for them, lament with them, cry, laugh and enjoy with them, only then have you mastered a skill. A skill that brings joy, heart ache, dark revengeful thoughts, glorious victory and emotions that overflows the human heart. All within the pages of your book.

        So, let is take up the pen, a piece of paper and put those wild thoughts to paper. Mull on them. Erase them. Re-write them. Change them. Make them march to the drummer of your logical mind, to take them from one precipice to the next. Leaping roof top to roof top. Dancing with the moon. Turn its face to the sun. Shout it for the world to hear. I have done it. I have written a piece, from the heart, the mind and my craft. Here. Read. Enjoy. I will be back to bring you more….

        I hope to increase the pieces I write by combining the planning and creative process as I’ve learned from Ms Weiland. For once in my life I will devote as much energy to something I love (even though it doesn’t pay the bills) as I do to that which I like (and does pay the bills). I will revolutionize my life in making space for the writing. Space for the planning. Space for the creating. I will outline my writing life as I had outlined my career to this point. If I can get all this down in the matter of minutes with a small post it note plan, imagine what can happen on the endless pages of this blog and this word processor. I’m of to never land: To play with plan and dance with outline.

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