In the Raw

02 Feb

In the Raw by Eilleen Griffiths and Nikka Michaels – A cook book with a recipe that will definitely have you laughing, crying, swearing and generally eat up the pages as you follow Ethan Marthin and his sister Claire on their journey through cullinary school. Eilleen and Nika has crafted a book that is both entertaining and filled with the kind of action that makes a great read for those of us that enjoy the gay romance genre.

None of the usual easy relationships that is so easy to write. Here we find the reality of life. Of struggling students and the mix of cultures, backgrounds and cliques that one finds in the world and in school. With back story of the main characters you are lead through the semesters with Ethan and his sister as they struggle to be great chefs. Shouldering the course work, the practicals needed to master the techniques and then the roller coaster that is life.

Life and romance. Seems easy. Till you have to do it. The authors show you the action from Ethan and Jamie's points of view. Oh, I didn't introduce Jamie… Well,…

He's between the pages of this book, by Eilleen Grifffiths and Nikka Michaels. Why not pick up a copy and meet Jamie, Ethan and Clairbear, and the cast of In The Raw.


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