In Case of Emergency

04 Nov

In the world we live in, it has become customary to complain about your life. Well, that is what it would seem to be, to any intelligent race that lands on the planet. Just open your ears and listen to the people around you. It’s hard to find anyone upbeat about anything anymore and should you be upbeat, then they lay the beat down on you. For as sure as tomorrow will come, they will have a stupendous amount of reasons why you shouldn’t be happy.

Now, I ask you: “Why the hell not?” Why shouldn’t you be happy? Ignore the stress and worries for the day, because you can always worry tomorrow. If tomorrow doesn’t come, then at least you didn’t waste your today on worrying about something that would not come. I know I am a worry wart. It seems to be expected. At work, everyone passes their worries on to you, then seem surprised when you just listen, nod wisely, and carry on. Why take on someone else’ burdens when you have so many of your own to carry.

Grab your coat. Grab your hat. Leave your worries at the doorstep. Direct your feet to the sunny side of the street.

Put up a sign: “How may I ignore you today?”

And slow the hell down. Life may not have a speed limit, but you sure as hell cannot smell the roses when you are living your life at a man-month an hour.


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